• Aamir Shaikh
    Aamir Shaikh
    Team Leader: UI Design

    With 10+ years of experience in designing for web and mobile, Aamir manages and grooms a team of UI designers.

  • Benhur
    Abel Eldo
    Team Lead: UX Design

    Abel is a UX Designer with over five years of experience and leads a team of ‘able’ UX designers. Abel also enjoys photography which he uses as a way of creatively documenting and expressing his experiences.

  • Ashutosh
    Aashutosh Trivedi
    Product Manager

    Aashutosh is an IIT Jammu graduate, an enthusiastic performer and a technophile. Prior to Flooid, he has worked in the Software Engineering domain and is currently pursuing his interests in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science and Product Management.  

  • ankit
    Ankit Vaghani
    Tech Lead: Backend

    Ankit has 5+ years of experience as a backend developer. He has completed his engineering in Computer Science. At Flooid, he leads the backend team from the front.

  • ankith
    Ankith Kaundinya
    UX Designer

    Born and raised in Bangalore, Ankith spent the first 4 years of his career as a UI/UX Designer before joining Flooid. At Flooid he helps us build complex products in the BFSI space

  • Photo of Arul, UI UX Flooid
    Arul Pravahini
    UX Designer

    Arul has experience working on UX design for both startups and service companies, across diverse areas such as supply chain and ed-tech.

  • Benhur
    Benhur Eugene
    UI Researcher/Designer

    Born and raised in Bangalore, Benhur is a UX design specialist and a Srishti Institute of Design graduate. Prior to joining Flooid, he worked as a Product Designer & UX Researcher at Anka SumMor Foods.

  • Photo of Bhuwan UI UX Flooid
    Bhuwan Yadav
    Team Leader: UX Design

    Bhuwan brings in 5+ years of experience with a strong focus on UX design for mobile, and is currently spearheading work for our BFSI clients.

  • deeraj
    React / React Native Developer

    Dheeraj hails from Udupi, Karnataka and is a mechanical engineering graduate with 2 years of experience in software development. When he is not working, he enjoys playing volleyball & watching cricket.

  • Guneet Singh
    Front-End Developer

    Guneet is a technology enthusiast who hails from Shahjahanpur, UP. With over 4 years of work experience, he develops Android applications.

  • Photo of Hatim Kantawalla, Partner Flooid
    Hatim Kantawalla

    Hatim has 20+ years of experience as an editor, publisher, startup founder, product owner and business head. Prior to Flooid, Hatim was co-founder and chief product officer for multiple start-ups at the same time.

  • Istiyak
    Istiyak Shaikh
    UI Designer

    Istiyak was previously dabbling in retail and running a store at United Colours of Benetton. After that he took a leap into graphic design and worked as a freelancer. Today, Istiyak is a passionate UI designer at Flooid with over 5 years of experience.

  • Junaid Shaikh
    Junaid Shaikh
    Devops Engineer

    Junaid is a mechanical engineering graduate but his interest in software and cloud technology led him to the field of development. Junaid joins Flooid from Solapur, Maharashtra with over two years of experience.

  • Photo of Kowstubha, UI UX Flooid
    Kowsthubha LD
    UI Designer

    Kowsthubha has a Masters in Visual Arts and brings a rich blend of graphic design as well as UI design.

  • Photo of Madhurya, UI UX designer
    Madhurya Routhu
    UX Designer

    A computer science graduate, Madhurya’s interest in painting and pencil sketching led her on to the path of UX design.

  • Photo of Mario, UI UX Designer, Flooid
    Mario Dias
    Graphic and UI Designer

    A computer engineer, Mario comes with 5+ years in graphic and UI design, having worked with a unicorn as well as multiple agencies.

  • Photo of Mohan Krishnan, Partner, Flooid
    Mohan Krishnan

    Mohan has 25+ years of experience across functions of content, marketing communication, project and product management and business planning.

  • Photo of Oresh, UI UX designer
    Oresh Khan
    UI Designer

    Oresh shifted from his academic pursuit of automobile engineering and focused on learning UI design.

  • Pratik
    Pratik Shet
    Project Manager

    Pratik has 3+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. He has worked across various industries such as automotive, hospitality, events and tourism. He is currently working as a Project Manager at Flooid and is from Goa.

  • Photo of Shashank UI UX Designer
    Shashank Bansal
    UI Designer

    With a degree in fine arts, Shashank has worked as an illustrator, created motion graphics and now looks at UI design.

  • shravanthi
    Shravanthi Madhugiri
    UX Designer

    Hailing from Bangalore, Shravanthi completed her engineering in Computer Science, worked as a design intern and then joined Flooid as a UX Designer. She is currently helping us build products in the fintech space.

  • Sushil
    Sushil Sharma
    Software Development Engineer

    Sushil has 4 years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces & is skilled in various tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SCSS, Reactjs, React-Native, StoryBook and React-Testing-Library. He joins Flooid from Guwahati, Assam.

  • Tavish
    Tavish Mehra
    Software Engineer

    Tavish is a developer from Chandigarh with more than 3 years of experience and has worked with several individuals and companies to build tools. He is adept at finding simple solutions to complex problems using Python.

  • Photo of Tejas, UI UX Designer
    Tejas Shah
    UI Designer

    Tejas is a commerce graduate with over 3 years experience in graphic design. He now works as a UI designer on financial products at Flooid.

  • Photo of Varun Singh, Chief Technology Officer
    Varun Singh

    Varun has 20+ years experience, and has been the CTO of a large media agency, ran and successfully sold his startup in the silicon valley and now heads our tech practice.

  • Photo of VIvek Chugh, Partner, Flooid
    Vivek Chugh

    Vivek has 15+ years of experience and heads the design practice at Flooid. He is equally adept at UI/UX design, motion graphics and photography.

  • Xavier
    Xavier Fernandes
    Lead: Frontend Development

    Xavier is a master of creating beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Based in Goa and with a decade of experience, Xavier is a creative and passionate frontend developer who believes that “life is a beach”

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