Our Design Process includes

  • Business and end-user Interviews

    Interviews happen in multiple ways—structured and recorded video conversations, surveys administered to a panel, focus groups and questionnaires

  • Competitive benchmarking

    We study the competition to understand what they’re doing well and specifically how we can improve

  • Design thinking workshops

    For abstract problems that don't have obvious solutions, we conduct design-thinking workshops. Sometimes along with clients

  • Information architecture and user flows

    For every product, we create Information Architectures for internal clarity. User flows are created only for complex products.

  • Wireframes and low-fidelity mockups

    Wireframes are then created to showcase concepts, allocate space and prioritize content. They also indicate functionalities available, and intended user behaviors.

  • Visual designs and high-fidelity prototypes

    Visual Designs are created to reflect the brand’s personality, imagery, style and design philosophy. This are what users will see eventually.

  • Design Systems

    Design Systems are then created with careful curation of button styles, font styles, components, colors used, ui elements and standard patterns for multiple design teams to then scale consistently and for seamless dev handoff.

Engagement Model

Tools we use