Thinking of Joining Us?

Before you apply, do take a moment to get to know us. We often get asked at interviews “What is Flooid’s culture?”. Simply put, company culture is a set of beliefs, values and characteristics shared by people in an organisation. In short, culture is how you do what you do. Here is how we do things…

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    We encourage ownership

    Each member of Flooid is encouraged to treat projects, initiatives and processes like their own babies. Not as step-children that someone else will look after.

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    We love clarity

    We have little tolerance for ambiguity and corporate jargon. We talk in a way so that everyone understands what is being said, what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, who needs to do it and by when it needs to be done.

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    We practice rigour

    Because we believe that this is the only guaranteed way to achieve good work. Every logo we design starts with multiple written documents. Every UX problem has 10 solutions to explore before we decide on one that fits.

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Open Positions

  • Team Leader: UX Design
    5-10 Years
  • Team Leader: UI Design
    5-10 Years