• India
  • Fintech
  • App Design
  • 6 Months


The purpose was to design a world-class Private Wealth Management app for Edelweiss’ UHNI clients. We began with the following goals in mind.

  • Significantly improve the client’s experience with functionality that is quick, useful and automated.
  • Increase client retention and engagement with the app as well as for on-field staff
  • Give the client a quick way to reach out to financial advisors and raise queries
  • Attract new clients on the platform

Product Design

The first step was to come up with a design language which was appealing yet simple, scalable and consistent. Custom artwork was created to add character and personality to the screens.

The onboarding journey was designed for lightning quick logins—less than a second, with the help of biometrics and Face ID

The new home-page was a daily summary of all financials. An overview of a client’s current portfolio. The larger picture.

The holdings and performance pages was designed for clients to view their portfolios and portfolio performance across asset classes, family members and across multiple asset management companies.

The Transactions section included not just past transactions but upcoming ones and corporate actions—an industry first.

We also wanted to give users the ability to add Family Office Managers along with controlled access at the tap of a button.

Edelweiss’ UHNI clients can now connect with their teams at Edelwiess even quicker. They can also raise and track service requests and escalate them if needed