We were approached by a group of mobility, healthcare, AI/ML, and policy experts to build an AI/ML product for cities to make road travel safer. This project comprised of a name and identity, a website, an investor deck and a platform with the clear objective of raising funds.



After sketching multiple ideas we finally shortlisted a super modern and minimal abstract logo to go with. This pattern would extend easily into a memorable, yet non-obvious brand identity which could be used across mediums



The Product

The product itself has three modules. The first of which was Safar View, A map-based interface that shows statistics, time series, and spatial analysis of different types of traffic accidents.


The second module was Safar Cause. Using machine-learning-based analysis and classification using Decision Trees or Random Forests, we provide causal attribution and severity prediction.

The last module was Safar Sim. By interfacing with a traffic simulation engine such as MATSIM or VISSIM, policymakers, and urban planners can choose various interventions at specific accident-prone sites and see the effects of such simulation.

A website was also built to deliver Safar Labs’ story to potential investors in a clear, yet consumable form with storytelling and mobile-first as its main design drivers.

An investor deck was also created to help the team deliver its story, product milestones and funding needs



Aishwarya RamanCo-founder, Safar Labs &
Director and Head of Research, Ola Mobility Institute

“Flooid has the inexplicable power to translate your vision into reality.

We approached the team at Flooid with a partially formulated idea of designing marketing collaterals for a road safety dashboard. The team led by Vivek and Mohan promptly understood our requirements and delivered stunning results.

The most challenging of the collaterals was the mockup of our yet-to-be completed dashboard. Flooid has successfully managed to visualise the results our AI/ ML algorithms are expected to produce a year from now. The mockup designed by Flooid is powerful, inspiring us to accelerate the dashboard development, and showcase the working model to the whole world.

Another tricky assignment for Flooid was to identify revenue streams and develop a larger business model. The quandary emerged on account of our non-profit status. And yet, Flooid managed to cast its magic. With nearly no input from us, Flooid propelled our thinking to a new plane, and produced a well thought through pitch deck. This contribution by Flooid is shaping how we view our own work going forward.

Overall, in a short period of time, Flooid worked with us to finalise a name for our product, design our logo, develop mockups, build a website, and most importantly, design our investor deck, all with minimal inputs from us. The engagement with Flooid has been seamless, effortless, and extremely rewarding, right from day one.

Flooid inherently carries the promise to become a client’s long-term partner, a partner who’s with you from conceptualisation to scale-up phase, transforming your business into a global powerhouse to reckon with.

Thank you, Flooid!”