Moving Walls, a Singapore head-quartered company, has developed a location data platform that is able to forecast volumetrics and profile of audiences at any location. This platform uses this forecasting capability and enables media planning and media buying of static and digital OOH media.

The key goals were to:

  • Make sure that buying media is intuitive and quick for large brands (and media buying agencies) and design an experience which is benchmarked against global digital media platforms
  • Provide in-flight and post campaign reporting that brings the impact of a campaign to life as its progressing
  • Unify the offerings of Moving Walls into a single platform (Campaign planning, campaign reporting and asset registry)

Product Design

For the Campaign Planning module, we mimicked the process currently being used for media planning through a set of industry-first features. The Circle tool, would let users draw a circle on a map and see all available sites within that area (premium or otherwise). Likewise, the Line tool would let users draw a line between two points (say a driving route or highway) and show all available sites across that paths.

Given the fact that media buying is still largely done offline, we wanted to enable quicker and online Negotiation Workflow management

In-flight and post-campaign reporting now give actionable insights to planners on not just how their campaigns have done but how they’re currently doing, mid campaign. We were able to also create and showcase insights related to reach, frequency, attribution as well as user interests

With the Registry module, site owners could upload sites onto the platform and keep track of inventory availability, provide last minute deals and have better control on site utilisation