Studeyo Technologies is a martech company, with a suite of products that help improve efficiencies of online marketing campaigns. One of its offerings is Addng.Plus – a marketing funnel optimiser platform. Delivering personalized landing page experiences for brands at scale, is one of the prime features of Addng.Plus. This entails generating thousands of unique landing page combinations at real-time. They reached out to us with multiple challenges:

  • Rethink user experiences based on current trends; usage patterns; and brand objectives like driving commerce or lead generation
  • Infuse a fresh, new aesthetic into the experiences
  • Build in variety and diversity of experiences to meet each brand’s objectives
  • Design and modularise the user experience for flexibility and adaptability

To do this project we broke down the anatomy of a landing page and arrived at 3 specific sections—the Branding section, the Communication section and the Conversion section.

1)  The Header or the Branding component:
This includes the company logo, page/product title and menu items if any.

2) The Communication:
Which includes the proposition or messaging for the product/brand. This could either be text, video or image galleries.

3) The Conversion:
Which includes all relevant CTAs for the user to take action.

And voila, the result was the ability to create diverse user experiences for any landing page objective, with

  • A modular capability that allowed for the automation of multiple components
  • Multiple templates available for customisation based on product or brand need
  • An enhanced, new look user experience built for ease of consumption, and quick conversion



Kiran SubbaramanCo-founder |  Engineering & Product

“Flooid, with their Visual Design and UX expertise, vastly improved our product’s user experience.  Additionally they were able to quickly run through iterations of improvement to converge on a design we like. It was fun to engage with a team that understands, and deftly wields, the power of visual design.